Sekul Evstatiev Stanislav Evstatiev was born in Varna in 1972

Graduated in Math High School - Varna

Early in school he made concept, graphics and animation for the first Bulgarian Quest Game - Hovering Castle, and also graphics and logic for the first High-Res SVGA shooter - CROSSFIRE.

In 1991 he was one of the founders of Dimension dESIGN Animation Group ( ) - it started as a computer graphics company for tv spots and presentations. We made the first 3D animated TV spots in Bulgarian National Television.

After a while the focus shifted to R&D with the most noticeable achievemnt being the world first commercially available Hair & FUR system - Shag:FUR & Shag:HAIR for 3D Studio MAX. Meanwhile he did some commercials for local and national TV Stations for : NIVEA, TOSHIBA, Delongi, POMBER, 2be, TIM, MSAT.
Shag:Hair transformed to HairTrix when we merged development with Ornatrix team. It's now available from TurboSquid ( ) for 3ds max and remains a prefered tool of many professionals around the world.
From 2001 to 2004 he was founder and lead graphic, concept and management in Garga Games - a Pocket PC oriented GAME company that got several Best of... awards through these years.

Stanislav Evstatiev is co-founder of ZOOM Design Ltd. - a creative studio focused on advertising and production. He is the general manager of the studio and also works as graphic designer, director and animator.

some dates :

1989 - Prize for Bulgarian RPG "Hovering Castle" / art director, story design
1991 - Spot for national news weekly "Panorama" / director, artist
1999 - Shg:FUR - first commercial public plug-in for Hair
2004 - Pocket PC Magazine - FINALIST - "Gangsta Race" / Story design, concept, director
2007 - Festival International du Film d'Animation - Annecy - "Spread Your Wings" Music Video / director
2007 - SERINO ad / director, animator
2007 - 2be breakin spot / director of CGI
2008 - Festival International du Film d'Animation - Annecy - "White Dog" Music Video / director

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