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ZOOM Design Ltd.

ZOOM Design is a comany that is simply working for You. We do design, special effects, photography, video, shop and vehicle branding and many more things.

We became a place that attract people with different skills and interest to work and make impossible things togheter. The main focus is creativity and innovation, packed by long years of hard work in the industy... or rather industries - from print to web design, from classic photography to modern digital retouching and matte painting.

We like to work with people that have clear vision and are creative and love to experiment. We often do tasks we never did, but only if our client is not afraid of experimenting. You will see our work and judge by Yourself if we did it well.

Main Team

Stanislav Evstatiev - founder, technical specialist, 3d artist, innovator.

Miroslava Arnaudova - creative director, photographer, designer.

Dimo Milanov - art director, artist, graphic designer, 3d modeler.